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Sep 27, 2011
admin – Launch

The launch of the website today represents a giant step in the Real Families, Real Stories campaign, giving all Australians a platform to be part of the marriage story.

People can submit their personal story and photos about love, commitment and marriage through the website to show their support for marriage equality.

Alex Greenwich, National Convener, Australian Marriage Equality, said that marriage inequality doesn’t just affect couples who can not get married, but it affects their families, their friends and the whole community. Continue reading »

Sep 25, 2011

Why I support gay marriage – Kristina Keneally

Why I support gay marriage

Published on ABC unleashed

I didn’t hear the word lesbian until I went to university. In my childhood, homosexuality was not discussed: not at home, not at church, not at school.

I’m sure there were homosexual people in my classroom or community. Possibly even in my extended family. But they were not ‘out’. Even the prevailing culture did not engage with homosexuality: growing up in middle America in the ’70s and ’80s was still far more Happy Days than Glee.

To say I grew up in a Catholic enclave wouldn’t be far wrong. I went to Catholic primary school, where my mother also taught. My dad was a Eucharistic minister in our parish. After attending an all-girls Catholic high school, I earned a BA in political science at a Catholic university, then spent a gap year teaching at a Catholic primary school. Continue reading »

Sep 19, 2011

Gay couples sharing hurt

First published on Adelaide Now on Sept 19th 2011

GAY families will intensify their campaign for marriage equality by taking their stories to Canberra next month.

Advocates from across Australia will launch the inaugural real families, real stories initiative today by posting their personal stories – about how not being able to marry has affected their family – on

The Australian Marriage Equality campaign will be launched in Sydney this morning before families head to Canberra from October 12. Full story


Sep 19, 2011

Lack of marriage equality ‘hurts families’

First published on NineMSN on 19th Sept 2011

Michael Faucett, 46, just wants to marry the love of his life while his elderly mother is still alive.

He and his partner have already planned the whole wedding, right down to how their guests will arrive.

But there’s just one problem: Mr Faucett’s partner is a man. Full story


Continue reading »