Mike Gemzell

mike-thumbI am a forty year old truck driver, that has just noticed in the last several months that my facial hair has become grey, no grey’s, in either head hair, chest, or nether regions.

My girlfriend, Jessica, is South African born, so very intelligent, and is currently teaching english in Denpasar, Bali.

Jessica and I have been on and off for the past four yaers, but mostly on, since I managed to remove my head from my ass roughly nine months ago, so since then things have been really good between us.

Even in the “off” times, we always stayed good friends, and were never far from being in contact with each other. We re-ignited our flame in October last year, and things have been going from strength to strength ever since.

I was married once before, and it ended in divorce.

I always said I would never get married again.

I was wrongI

Jessica and I are going to be married some day, and we will have a wonderful life together, we both know this, and it is something we talk about often.

We are not planning on getting married in the immediate future, but we are planning on it.

Marriage is a union between two people that love each other unconditionally.

Marriage is a commitment between two people to each other.

Marriage shows others how you have committed to each other, and that it is more than a mere relationship.

A wedding lets you express your vows of love, and fidelity in front of other people.

A Marriage is legally recognised.

I am a hetorosexual man, in a hetorosexual relationship, I can get married, as can Muslims, Buhdists, Hindu’s, Aboriginals, Jews, Sikhs, etc.

I have to admit that in my late teens I was a biggot when it came to Gay rights of any sorts, because I was young and stupid.

To err when it comes to Gay rights, and indeed equality rights makes no sense. If we do not allow equality of marriage, then do we go back to the White Australia policy?

No we do not.

Why must we single out one group to be different, and to be deemed less valued than another?

Are we to be divided into groups? Or are we all Australians under one flag, with small differences? I know I bleed red, the same as anybody else in this world, as does everybody else.

Marriage equality is a human rights issue, and members of parliament, If marriage is not good enough for all, then it is not good enough for ANY!!!

And as far as the religious argument goes…….. If God hates Gays, why does he make so many?

Please stop the predjudice, and listen to people.

A fair go for ALL Australians!!!


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