Leigh Neighbour

leigh-thumbDenny and I meet 31 years ago at a church BBQ, he invited be back to his place after the BBQ and we have been together ever since.

Mind you he did not tell his mother was coming to stay with him for a week so there I was the new kid on the block meeting his mother and trying to create a relationship it was a fun time, his mother thought I was the best thing that ever happened to him so I guess I got top marks.

We were both very blessed with our families, they were supportive of us both and this helped us to become stronger and know we were really in a wonderful relationship.

Together we brought up my three boys and today we are the proud grand parents of eight grand children, we would not change our love or life for anything.

We both believe that for us marriage is very important although I have been married before (in a heterosexual relationship). Marriage give us that strong support of knowing that if anything happens to ether one of us the other has full support and equal rights within Australia.

Marriage for us is showing our commitment that we are deducting our relationship, our lives and our love to each other and before God, we both believe that God brought us together and for that we believe both in our Christian faith and church of which I am the pastor of Metropolitan Community Church Brisbane.

There are people like ourselves that seek the same recognition and support they too believe in a relationship that both the church and state support, we were married in New Zealand and living over here we feel like we have missed out on this government recognizing us as a married couple they treat us as a De factor couple, Marriage is a wonderful thing and this government has a great opportunity to show they car and support those who chose to marry whether they are same sex or opposite sex we are all the same created in the Image of a loving God.


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