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Nov 15, 2011

Headspace tackles marriage equality

National Youth Mental Health Foundation headspace is asking young people what they think about the issue of equal marriage.

If you’re a young person, headspace wants to know how this issue affects you and what you would like the politicians to know. Send us your stories, experiences, reflections or views about the issue of equal marriage. Continue reading »

Nov 15, 2011

Gillard’s gay marriage stance “breaks hearts, but strengthens resolve”

Media Release – Australian Marriage Equality
Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Marriage equality advocates are disappointed Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has today affirmed her opposition to same-sex marriage and has tried to pre-empt the outcome of Labor’s National Conference by calling for a conscience vote. The Prime Minister’s comments are below and appear in an opionion piece published in Tuesday’s Age. Continue reading »

Oct 13, 2011

Marriage Equality Goes to Canberra

Group photo of the 60 Australians in Canberra today talking with our federal decision makers about why Marriage Equality Matters.

(Photographer Greg Barrett)

Sep 27, 2011
admin – Launch

The launch of the website today represents a giant step in the Real Families, Real Stories campaign, giving all Australians a platform to be part of the marriage story.

People can submit their personal story and photos about love, commitment and marriage through the website to show their support for marriage equality.

Alex Greenwich, National Convener, Australian Marriage Equality, said that marriage inequality doesn’t just affect couples who can not get married, but it affects their families, their friends and the whole community. Continue reading »

Sep 19, 2011

Real families, real stories – Marriage equality goes to Canberra

19 September 2011

Real families, real stories – Marriage equality goes to Canberra

Real families from all over Australia are taking their stories to Canberra to remind our politicians that all relationships should be equal.

From today, representatives of the campaign will discuss their personal stories about how marriage inequality affects them and their family, leading up to Real Families, Real Stories, Marriage Equality goes to Canberra on 12 October.

Many more ordinary Australians will continue to share their personal stories through the website.

“Marriage equality is about participation in family life, and we hope this campaign will make MPs aware that the issue doesn’t just affect couples who can’t get married, but also their friends, families and many others in the community,” Alex Greenwich, National Convener Australian Marriage Equality said. Continue reading »