Adam McLeod

adam-thumbMy partner Paul and I have been together since 2007, quickly realising we shared similar passions for life and dreams. Paul is an amazing inspiration, he has helped hundreds of Canberra youth come to terms with their own unique perspective on their sexuality through the highly praised group Bit Bent, and it was that element of ‘every day hero’ that first attracted me.

He had put the needs of Canberra Youth ahead of his own agenda, providing a platform for them to express their feelings, emotions and thoughts in a safe way. While he has passed the reigns of the group on to new Coordinators, we share a common approach to life in that each and everyone of us have a right to express our love in our own unique way.

We’ve shared journeys and travels together to many countries far worse off than our own. A month in Cambodia gave us time to reflect with a people who have had decades of unrest, genocide, and poverty. However, we left feeling inspired because from such sheer horror grew a people who are future focused, looking to create a better future for their families and removing where possible the culture that caused such hatred that saw a million of their countryfolk killed in the 70′s.

Marriage is an important part of our shared dreams. In approximately 4 weeks we will become proud parents to twins. As the law stands at the moment, one of us will need to jump through significant hoops to achieve equal status as a parent. We need to prove to the law that we are fit to be that parent, and pay significant legal costs.

My relationship with my parents, and seeing the effort they put into their marriage, has given me the strength and skills to ensure my relationship is based on honesty, trust, compassion and love. The same values that many heterosexual couples would base their marriage on.

I want to raise my children with similar values, I want them to know that their parents are in a relationship that ‘everyone’ recognises as being equal, giving them a greater sense of security and understanding. I want to share the love I have for Paul, and my children, in a way that my family, and straight friends can easily relate to.

A change in law has both personal, and wider ranging implications. For Paul and I, we would have a sense of recognition in the eyes of our family, friends and peers. We would be able to raise our twins in a household where they know their dads are as committed to each other as we are committed to them. I want to fill in a form, answer a question in an interview, or tick the box marked ‘married’ instead of having to spend 5 minutes explaining my situation and finding some suitable option that fits our scenario.


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